Should Ask Questions

The questions you should ask…

SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions)

Do you provide turnkey solutions for your temporary modular building projects?

Yes, Red Frog Hire are here to help deliver you a fully functioning building that works for you. Our expert team can help with service connections, groundworks, furniture, smart technology, safety and security systems etc…

Do your temporary modular buildings meet Building Regulations?

Yes, our expert team of designers will make sure that your building is compliant to all relevant building regulations and we can even organise your building control certification for you too.

Are temporary modular buildings expensive to run?

All our buildings are fully refurbished before being delivered to site and our construction methods mean our buildings are very energy efficient and cost effective to run.

Can you act as Main Contractor?

Yes, at Red Frog Hire we have all the skills required to deliver your project on time, on budget and most importantly safely. We can take on full CDM responsibilities, but we can also work with your own appointed Principal Contractor and Project Managers.