Customer need

Minimal disruption during installation and over the duration of the 3 year hire was imperative to maintain a collaborative and engaging working environment for the whole team. Reckitt Benckiser are a brand whose values tie every single team member together and unites them with a real sense of pride, so providing a temporary office that feels permanent was their top priority.

The Perfect Solution

Reckitt Benckiser’s temporary office is a completely bespoke design which seamlessly integrates their employees, brand DNA and culture allowed them to forget the temporary nature of this interim solution and got them from an office that should have been bland… to brand. 117 modules over 3 storeys gave over 300 staff an engaging environment to continue their passion in making the world a happier, healthier place.

Project Delivery

The 3,323m2 of additional space was installed in just 12 days. With interior design that is modern and fresh and a very open plan yet collaborative layout, this project was delivered by working alongside Reckitt Benckiser every step of the way to ensure that this building felt permanent and blended in with day to day work.

Project Journey

We worked closely with the team at Reckitt Benckiser to maximise the space, enhance the existing culture of the team and continue real engagement even though this was an interim solution during a long-term traditional build project.

The existing modern design, layout & specification of this Reckitt Benckiser temporary office make it feel just like a permanent build, reflecting the passion and dedication of the company’s team. Designed by the very people using the spaces and with our expertise, we created a brand consistent, collaborative working environment.

With glazed partitioning systems, quite rooms & breakout areas, discussion benches & large flat screen TV’s, touch down tea points and office space designed for ‘hot desk’ working cultures this interim space

Integral to the buildings’ design, this facility was mechanically ventilated and boasts sound masking systems throughout, a DDA compliant lift, 2 external staircase pods on each floor with 1no internal staircase.